Please refer to these resources for more information on what it means to be college and career ready. You may download the Lesson 19 Resources or for a complete list of resources, please download the CCR Resources list.

CTE Career Technical Education (NASDCTEc)


Resource Description: This website contains resources at-a-glance for professionals forwarding college and career readiness.

Audience Type: School Districts, CCR Professionals, and Educators

Career Ready Lessons Plans for Grades 6-12 (OSPI)

Curriculum/Lesson Plans:

Resource Description: These lessons were designed to assist students who are interested in non-four year college options after high school.

Audience Type: Advisors

Big Future (College Board)


Resource Description: This is a general resource that aims to help students in preparing for and choosing the right college.

Audience Type: Students, Parents,  Educators and School District Personnel

Compare College TX (Texas Higher Education Accountability System/THECB)

Website/Online Tool:

Resource Description: Compare College Texas is an interactive, mobile-friendly web tool designed to help users learn more about Texas public universities and community colleges.

Audience Type: CCR Professionals and Students

Armed Services Jobs

Job Site/Website:

Resource Description: This website provides t ips, tools, and resources to maximize your job search and career.

Audience Type: Students, Parents, and Advisors

Find a College that's Right for You (Peterson's)

Search Engine:

Resource Description: Use this online search engine to explore your options and find what is important to you.

Audience Type: Students

College Types (NACAC)


Resource Description: This resource details the types of higher education institutions that should be considered when choosing a college.

Audience Type: Students

Find Schools (Education Planner)


Resource Description: Use this online search engine to explore your options and find what is important to you.

Audience Type: Students

College and Career Exploration and Selection Process (College Board/NOSCA)


Resource Description: This website provides resources focusing on college success and opportunity for students, especially students from underrepresented populations.

Audience Type: Advisors

Colleges and Universities Serving Underrepresented Students (NACAC)

PDF List:

Resource Description: This is a list of U.S. colleges and universities that are tailored specifically to underrepresented students in the college admission process.

Audience Type: Advisors, Students, and Parents

College Confidential (Hobsons)—Choosing a College


Resource Description: Articles about choosing a college, getting into the college you want, how to pay for it, and more.

Audience Type: Students, Parents, Educators, and CCR Professionals


Website/Online Tool:

Resource Description: This resource provides a college search, reviews, scholarships, and details college admissions chances.

Audience Type: Students, Parents, School Districts, Counselors, and CCR Professionals

ROTC Colleges and Military Financial Aid (Peterson's)


Resource Description: This website provides tuition assistance and scholarships for military veterans.

Audience Type: Students

National Center for Educational Statistics (US Dept. of Ed & IES)

Online Tool:

Resource Description: Use this online tool to investigate and navigate prospective colleges.

Audience Type: Students

What to Look for in a School (Education Planner)

PDF Form:

Resource Description: This is a planning form for students that outlines what to look for in a prospective school.

Audience Type: Students

Webinar: Advocacy 101—Making the Case for CTE

Course Module:

Resource Description: The purpose of this on-demand webinar is to introduce you to the basics of advocacy so that you have the tools to support and promote your CTE programs— whether on Capitol Hill, with state policy makers, through the media, or in your local districts.

Audience Type: School District, CCR Professionals, and Educators

Mapping Your Future


Resource Descriptio: Mapping Your Future is a national collaborative, public-service, nonprofit organization providing career, college, financial aid, and financial literacy information and services for students, families, and schools.

Audience Type: Students (secondary/post-secondary)