Using data is an important practice, but educators should also take advantage of any opportunity to listen to the experiences of foster care youth and let their insights guide the thinking and planning. Let’s listen to Julianna talk about her experience as a student in foster care.13

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  • 01:26Julianna

Stop and Think:
  • What themes do you notice in Julianna's testimonial?
  • What did Mrs. Buss offer Julianna that other educators did not?
  • How did Julianna's academic life change as a result of having a mentor who took a personal interest in her?
  • What opportunities do foster care youth in your school have to connect with mentors like Mrs. Buss?
  • What opportunities do foster care youth have to connect with mentors in the wider community?
  • What could you do to make these opportunities available to a larger number of youth?

13Foster More stories: Julianna. (2014). Prepared by the Stuart Foundation. Retrieved from