Please refer to these resources for more information on what it means to be college and career ready. You may download the Lesson 6 Resources or for a complete list of resources, please download the CCR Resources list.

Jobs for the Future (JFF)


Resource Description: JFF focuses on designing, implementing, and supporting accelerated pathways that propel at-risk youth and low-skilled adults to enter college and earn postsecondary credentials with immediate labor market value.

Audience Type: School District and CCR Professionals

Gaps in the Energy Workforce Pipeline (CEWD)

PDF Report:

Resource Description: This report details 2011 CEWD survey results.

Audience Type: Educators and Energy Sector Professionals

Preparing the US Foundation for Future Electric Energy Systems (IEEE PES)

PDF Report:

Resource Description: US Power and Energy Workforce Collaborative

Audience Type: Educators, Energy Sector Professionals, and Employers

Engineer Your Life: A Guide to Engineering for High School Girls (NSF)


Resource Description: Information for high school girls and the adults in their lives who want to learn more about what life and work are like for engineers.

Audience Type: Students

Best Jobs Lists (JIST Publishing)


Resource Description: A website detailing the most promising jobs and college majors for students.

Audience Type: Students

Career Pathways Roadmap (CEWD)

Interactive site:

Resource Description: Outlining a career pathway and detailed information for energy positions geared toward the needs of specific audiences.

Audience Type: Students, Educators, and Energy Industry Professionals