Please refer to these resources for more information on what it means to be college and career ready. You may download the Lesson 2 Resources or for a complete list of resources, please download the CCR Resources list.

Resources for Parents and Grandparents (Every Chance Every Texan)


Resource Description: Learning, planning, and saving resources for parents and grandparents.

Audience Type: Parents and Grandparents

College for All Texans Foundation (THECB)


Resource Description: Raising awareness and financial support for the state's higher education plan.

Audience Type: School District, CCR Professionals, and Educators

Resources for Counselors (Every Chance Every Texan)


Resource Description: Learning, planning and saving resources for counselors.

Audience Type: Counselors

Career One Stop

Online Tool:

Resource Description: Exploring the Texas labor market.

Audience Type: Students and Job Seekers

Resources for Students (Every Chance Every Texan)


Resource Description: Learning, planning and saving resources for students.

Audience Type: Students

Occupation Profile (Career One Stop website)

Online Tool:

Resource Description: An online search engine where students can search for occupations by field and keyword.

Audience Type: Students

Texas Careers for Today and Tomorrow (Every Chance Every Texan)


Resource Description: Resources that help identify jobs that match specific interests and help find the path necessary to pursue them.

Audience Type: Students and Parents

Work in Texas (TWC)


Resource Description: The largest free job matching network in Texas.

Audience Type: CCR Professionals and Secondary Students

Tracking the Texas Economy - Key Texas Economic Indicators (TexasAhead)

Online/live report:

Resource Description: A one-stop portal to economic resources for growing and governing Texas.

Audience Type: Counselors, Students, and Parents

Texas College and Career Ready Commitment: The Economic Imperative (Achieve)

PDF Fact Sheet:

Resource Description: A fact sheet outlining the academic preparation necessary for students to be able to compete for good jobs in the global economy.

Audience Type: Students and Advisors

FindLaw – “Education Go Get it” Week


Resource Description: The Texas Statute identifying “Education: Go Get it” Week.  

Audience Type: Administrators, Teachers, and Parents